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Second Meeting of the Network
Decoloniality Europe:
The Problem of Contemporary Racism in Europe

May 9 and 10, 2013


Casa de Convalescencia,
Hospital de Sant Pau,
Calle Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
Fundación Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

To the members of Decoloniality Europe
It is a pleasure to invite you once again to the most important event of the network as a whole: our annual meeting. This time, it will take place in Barcelona, and we will centre on discussing the problem of contemporary racism in Europe.

As we did in the last meeting, we will also discuss organisational aspects and the coordination of the network, among others concerning our webpage, the synchronisation of important events such as the Genocide Memorial Day, and the flow of information in relation to the listserve.



May 9


Opening and welcome
9.00-9.30: Opening presentation, Julia Suárez-Krabbe: “What do we mean by “decoloniality”? with comments by Ramón Grosfoguel

Table 1. Germany
9.30-10.00: Vanessa Thompson and Joanna James. Decolonial Activists, Frankfurt
10.00-10.20: Joshua Kwesi Aikins. Collective of Colour, Berlin
10.20-10.40: Noa Ha. Collective of Colour, Berlin
10.40-11.00: Mahdis Azarmandi. Collective of Colour, Berlin
11.00-11.20: Michael Westrich. Decolonial Berlin.
11.20-11.40: Discussion

Break 11.40-12.00

Table 2. United Kingdom and the Netherlands
12.00-12.20: Arzu Merali. Islamic Human Rights Commission, London
12.20-12.40: Raza Kazim. Islamic Human Rights Commission, London
12.40-13.00: Dew Baboeram, Dutch Black Movement, Amsterdam
13.00-13.20: Kenneth Donau, Dutch Black Movement, Amsterdam
13.20-14.10: Discussion

Lunch 14.10-15.30

Table 3. France
15.30-15.50: Houria Bouteldja. Indigenes de la Republique, Paris
15.50-16.10: Youssef Boussoumah. Indigenes de la Republique, Paris
16.10-16.30: Hassan Mezine, Indigenes de la Republique, Paris
16.30-16.50: Nadia Tahhar, Indigenes de la Republique, Paris
16.50-17.20: Discussion

Break 17.20-17-40

Table 4. Iberian Peninsula
17.40-18.00: Silvia Rodríguez, Researcher, Coimbra
18.00-18.20: Marta Araujo, Researcher, Coimbra
18.20-18.40: Juan Gimeno, Researcher, Madrid
18.40-19.00: Segundo Tercero, IEPALA, Madrid
19.00-19.20: Claudia Patricia Rincón, Researcher, Madrid
19.20-19.40: Hugo Paternina, Researcher, Madrid
19.40-20.00: Montserrat Galcerán, Researcher, Madrid
20.00-20.30: Discussion

May 10

Organizational adjustments and common initiatives – Decoloniality Europe Network.
10.00-10.30: Introduction to the day; Ramon and Julia: Basic information about how the network is working today. Adjustments to the web page, flow of information, listserve. Decision taking
10.30- 11.30: Presentation by Dew Baboeram – input to improve our organization
11.30-12.00: Genocide Memorial Day – where, who, how? Coordination and decision taking
12.00-12.30: Letters to the Europeans – campaign/massive production
12.30-13.30: The Hague Tribunal
13:30-14:00: Charter of Decolonial Research Ethics
14.00-14.30: International conference on Islamophobia in Paris, December 13-15

---We are looking forward to seeing you there---


Financed by Centro de Estudios Diálogo Global.


More information about the place of the event:
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