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Journals - Special Issues

Decolonizing the University, Practicing Pluriversity.

Special Issue, Human Architecture, 2012.

Contesting Memory: Museumizations of Migration in Comparative Global Context

Special Issue, Human Architecture, 2011.

Thinking through the Decolonial Turn (1). 

Special Issue, Transmodernity, 2011.

Thinking Through the Decolonial Turn (2).

Special Issue, Transmodernity, 2012.

Islam. From Phobia to Understanding.

Special Issue, Human Architecture, 2010.

Epistemologies of Transformation. The Latin American Decolonial Option and its Ramifications.

Special Issue, Kult, 2009.


Against War. Views from the Underside of Modernity. Nelson Maldonado-Torres. 2008.

Twenty Theses on Politics. Enrique Dussel. 2008.

Latin American Philosophy. Eduardo Mendieta (ed.) 2003.

1492. The invention of the other. Enrique Dussel. 1992. 


Journal papers

Human Rights and Antisemitism After Gaza. Ramón Grosfoguel.

Through the Hellish Zone of Nonbeing. Thinking through Fanon, Disaster, and the Damned of the Earth. Lewis Gordon.

On the Coloniality of Being. Nelson Maldonado-Torres. 2007.

Coloniality of power, Eurocentrism and Latin America. Aníbal Quijano. 2000.


Blog entries and op-eds

Extradition and its Discontents. Arzu Merali. 2012.

Extradition UK: Why Talha, not Gary? Arzu Merali. 2012.

The necessity for another civilization. Houria Bouteldja. 2012.

Pierre, Djemila, Dominique…and Mohamed. Houria Bouteldja. 2012.

Rio+20 and the Peoples' Summit. Boaventura de Sousa Santos. 2012.

Mohamed Merah and I. Houria Bouteldja. 2012.

With Fanon, yesterday and today. Nelson Maldonado-Torres. 2011.

White Women and the Privilege of Solidarity. Houria Bouteldja. 2011.

What is universal anti-racism good for?. Houria Bouteldja and Sadri Khiari. 2011.

We shall not be saved by white anti-racism. Sadri Khiari and Houria Bouteldja. 2010.

The Left and Racial Domination in France: An Interview with Sadri Khiari (PIR). Danièle Obono. 2010.


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